Heather Cutting - Cut to Burn

Burning heather has become politically loaded around the climate change agenda. The most interesting area of progress has been away from burning, where cutting is becoming a management tool in its own right.

When heather plants become too old, the regrowth is slower and sparser from the stick. In ideal cutting conditions, a comparatively brisk management rotation keeps everything short, young and productive.

Due to our knowledge and experience, we are able to use different cutting techniques to maximize productivity on your moors, benefitting both grouse and waders alike, sensitive to all the upland ecology.

Use cutting to manage heather for black grouse, and the results can be very impressive in terms of vegetation regrowth and 'edge habitat'.

Whether it is making firebreaks, linking fires or micro-managing grouse habitat, cutting is opening up a whole world of possibilities.

Crosshatched cutting creates huge quantities of potential fires which can be lit from any angle under any weather conditions. Opening up dense stands of mature heather with long, narrow passageways allows grouse to use the moor more evenly, reducing concentrations that would attract disease and predators.